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Steve Oda



STEVE ODA (sarode) - Disciple of USTAD ALI AKBAR KHAN


“Our sages developed music from time immemorial for our mind to take shelter in that pure being which stands apart from the body and mind as one’s true self. Real music is not for wealth, not for honors or even for the joys of the mind – but as a path for realization and salvation...”    

- Ali Akbar Khan

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Steve Oda has been a disciple of the legendary Ustad Ali Akbar Khan for the last 35 years. Steve has dedicated himself fully to learning this art form and to carry on the teachings of his illustrious Guru. In 1996, he received a Canada Council Artists Grant to pursue intensive studies at an advanced level with his teacher. Steve moved to the San Francisco Bay area in 1998 and served as executive director of the Ali Akbar Khan College of Music for two years. Steve has performed at his teachers college as well as numerous Canadian cities from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Victoria, British Columbia. The demand for his playing continues to increase around the world. Steve has also recorded on select recordings including ranging from Jazz to Classical to Contemporary. Steve now resides in San Rafael California actively teaching and performing the beautiful music of North India.

The sarode is an 25 stringed lute with a steel fretless neck. It has a rich and heart warming tone and has been the Instrument of choice for some of India's greatest musicians elevating it to become one of the shining stars of Indian classical music. Steve's deep knowledge of the tradition along with his creative, joyous expression makes this ancient tradition come alive.


"Classical music of India stems from the ancient tradition of Nada Yoga (Nada Brahma). The practice of music as a spiritual & scientific study was first documented in the Vedic scriptures and has developed extensively in the thousands of years since. The process of learning and deeply listening to this art form not only effects our emotions, but it sends intentional vibratory seedsinto our psychology and spirit which take root and effect our lives in many ways. To experience the principle laws within this ancient music is to gain an insight into the building blocks of all energy and the very forces which create us from moment to moment. Deepening our sense of feeling "in tune" with ourselves, with our intimate relationships and with the world, is a rich and joyous process. Within this music we can uncover our age old romance with the force which is constantly "craving us into existence". From this deepest and most musical of relationships comes a natural kindness, inner wealth and compassion, awakening a fresh and inspired horizon within our lives."
- Ty