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 Songs of the People  YO  World Community - This Moment

Music from the Heart of Japan and the Spirit of India - YO weaves these ancient traditions into the music of today, our world community

YO  is a word which means world community / this generation / this moment. The music of YO presents the ancient traditions of Japan and India in a fresh, creative and inspired vision. It is a celebration of global culture and community in the present moment.

This creative, improvisational trio features world renowned Yutaka Oyama on Shamisen, virtuoso Akihisa Kominato on Shakuhachi (bamboo  flute) and Internationally renowned rhythm weaver Ty Burhoe on tabla.

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Yutaka Oyama (shamisen) - One of the world's leading shamisen players, Yutaka Oyama is known for his breathtakingly musical touch this very difficult instrument and the power of his improvisation which is quite rare within the ancient tradition of shamisen. He has played in many of the top concert halls around the world, including Carnegie Hall and continues to tour around the world throughout the year. His music can be heard on movie sound tracks and many CD recordings, both traditional and fusion.

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Akihisa Kominato (shakuhachi) - A celebrated maestro of the shakuhachi, Akihisa Kominato is known for his rich expressions of the traditional music of Japan, but also for his amazing ability to collaborate and blend with many different musical styles. He is renowned for his work on movie sound tracks and as his special guest appearances on numerous albums. He is also highly respected throughout the shakuhachi world for his unique ability to fully improvise in the moment on this profoundly simple and traditional instrument.


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Ty Burhoe (tabla) - Ty Burhoe has been a disciple of the great tabla maestro, Ustad Zakir Hussain, since 1990. Ty is known for his inspired accompaniment and uplifting presence in both classical and in fusion settings. He has been featured on many soundtracks for film and DVD, including the academy award winning documentary, "Born into Brothels." Ty works with a broad range of artists including Ustad Zakir Hussain, Bela Fleck, Walter Becker (Steely Dan), Rick Alan (Def Leppard), Jon Anderson (Yes) and many more. Ty has performed in prestigious halls all around the world including Carnegie Hall, Sydney Opera House and Royal Festival Hall in London.

The music of YO is a weaving of the pure traditional musics of both Japan and India, together with the diverse sounds of the modern world community in which we live. The word YO actually means “World Community / Our Generation / Songs of the People” and in this spirit, we try to share the evolution of these ancient acoustic traditions as they interface with todays culture and the diverse minds of our World community, young and old. 

YO features the traditional acoustic sounds of the fretless Japanese lute “Shamisen” played by internationally acclaimed Yutaka Oyama. And on the hauntingly beautiful Japanese bamboo flute “Shakuhachi” we have the unparalleled virtuosity of Akihisa Kominato. The third member, playing the North Indian hand drum “Tabla” is world renowned musician / producer Ty Burhoe. 

An evening of music with YO can be experienced on the big theatrical stage with exciting lighting cues which allow us to bring the musical journey to eyes of the audience, or we can share our music in a small, acoustic setting for an intimate, select audience. YO also has a musical repertoire which can feature the purely traditional music of old Japan & India (during which we dress in the traditional performance clothing of that time period), or the modern music of todays diverse sonic genres (dressing in cloths of todays world). However, the concert we most commonly present, is a blending of both old and new in which we take the audience on a Journey across the mists of time.