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Ty's Discography

Below is a partial listing of some recordings and DVDs that Ty has been featured on:



Tala Records TR110 "Black Swan" 2019

Tala Records TR109 "PEACE - Music For Life" 2018

Tala Records TR108 "YO - Weaving One World" 2017

Tala Records TR107 "Sleeping Swan" 2016

Tala Records TR106 "Horizon" 2012

Tala Records TR105 "Samay Chakra" 2011

Tala Records TR104 "Illumination" 2010

Tala Records TR103 "CURANDERO - Aras" 2007

Tala Records TR102 "Invocation" 2006

Tala Records TR101 "Sky" 2005



Krishna Das "Pilgrim of the Heart" 2015

Krishna Das "Heart full of Soul" 2008

Krishna Das & Walter Becker & Rick Alan "All One" 2005

Krishna Das "Greatest Hits of the Kali Yuga" CD & DVD 2004

Sultan Khan & Krishna Das "A Drop of the Ocean" 2003

Krishna Das "The yoga of chant" DVD 2002

Krishna Das "Breath of the Heart" *Produced by Rick Rubin 2001


Bill Douglas "HomeLand" 2002

Bill Douglas "A Place Called Morning" 2001

Bill Douglas "Songs of Earth & Sky" 1998

Bill Douglas "Deep Peace" 1996

Bill Douglas "Circle of Moons" 1995

Bill Douglas "Celtic Twilight" 1994

Bill Douglas "Kaleidoscope" 1993

Bill Douglas "Earth Prayer" 1990


Kitaro "Gaia - Onbashira" 1998

Kitaro "Cirque Ingénieux" 1997

Kitaro "Mandala" 1994

Kitaro & Jon Anderson "Dream" 1992


Curandero "Aras" 1997

Curandero "A Winter Celebration" 1996

Curandero "Curandero" 1996



Tias Little "River Flow" DVD 2012

Tias Little "Freeing the Bird of Prana" DVD 2012

Nicki Doane "Intro to Ashtanga Yoga" DVD 2009

Nicki Doane "Ashtanga Yoga - Beginners Practice" DVD 2009

Biff Mithoefer "Yin Yoga Kit" DVD 2006

Lauren Mones "Aligning the Upper Body" DVD 2006

John McDowell "Born into Brothels" *GRAMMY 2004



Aubrey Lande "Song Games" 2011

Aubrey Lande "The Vision Tape"

Aubry Lande & Art Lande & Kabu "Pleasure Dance"

Aubrey Lande "Poemeopathy"

Aubry Lande "The Dance Tape"


Tony Furtado “The Bell” 2015

Tony Furtado “Copper and Tin” 2015

Tony Furtado "Tony Furtado Band" 2003

Tina Malia "Shores of Avalon"

Ben Winship “Latest Album” Title TBA

Ben Winship "One Shoe Left" 1997

Mark Vickness & Glass House "Long Way Down" 2013

Mark Vickness "Questions"

Yutaka Oyama "Yutaka Oyama 1" 2013

Timothy Dobson “Night Lite” 2018

Timothy Dobson "Dances of Universal Peace - Vol 1"

Timothy Dobson "Dancing Peak to Peak 2"

Studio Yoggy "Deep Relaxation Yoga Nirdra" 2011

Donna De Lory "Sanctuary" 2008

Sandra Wong & Dominick Leslie "Sunny Side Up" 2010

Nawang Khechog "Tibetan Dream Journey" 2012

Nate Leath "Leathal Weapon" 2012

Rick Calvert "Arise" 2013

Keller Williams "Breathe" 1999

Maja "Songs of Secrets" 2010

Paul Russell "Back at the Scene of Our Beautiful Crime" 2011

Danya & Eyal "Coming Home" 2007

David Nichtern & Sultan Khan "Rare Elements" 2003

Latif Bolat "Gul: The Rose - Music of Turkey"

Robert Gass "Kirtana" 2006

Rebecca Kleinmann & Airto Moreira "Raio De Sol" 2005

Sharon Light "Jai Ma" 2006

John McDowell "Speaking the Mama tongue" 2004

Bio Feedback Video game "Journey to wild devine" 2003

Shyamdas "Beloved Chants" 2005

"Awakening inspired communities"

David Nichtern & Steve Gorn "Midnight flower" 2007

Sultan Khan & Falguni & Steve Gorn "Buddha Bar Mix" 2008

David Nichtern & Falguni & Steve Gorn "Om Yoga Mix" 2003

Benjy & Heather Wertheimer "The love window" 2003

Gardner Cole "MPath" 2000

Gao Hung & James Newton & Shubhendra Rao & Yoshio Kurahashi & Anthony Jackson "Flying Dragon" 2003

Christel Rice "Tunnel Vision" 2003

Kimmerjae Macarus "Secret"

Danny Heines "What worlds may bring" 2002

Danny Heines "PBS Special DVD" 1999

Dale Ness "Noises in my head" 2001

Dick DeGraf & Mamadou Diabate & Konkie Halmeyer "Four Winds" 2001

Children's Stories "Belly full of Sweets" 2001

Coleman Barks & Kai Eckhardt & Ron Miles & David Darling "Poetry of Rumi" 2013

Deva Premal "Embrace" 2002

Ken Bonfield & Michael Manring "Dancing with Shadows" 1998

Suvarna "Energia" 2002

Children's Stroies "Garden of Miracles"

Scott Madena "Bolo"

Carol Frazier "Life's a Ride" 2000

Bela Fleck & Tony Furtado "Live in CO"

Scott Madena "Nectar of the Strings"

Children's Stories "Feather in your Heart" 2001

Jonathan Goldman "The Lost Chord" 2000

Jonathan Goldman "Chakra Chants" 1998

Deborah Orient

Patrick Walsh "Dream Time" 2000

Suvarna "Fire of the Oracle" 2001

Siucra "A Place I Know" 2002

Chris Spheeris "Dancing with the Muse" 2000

Dean Peer "Think" 2012

Dean Peer "Travelog" 2011

Zuleikha "Robe of Love" 2011

Children's Stories "The Golden Goose"

Jesse Mano "Lazer Vaudeville" 2008

Jesse Mano "Sea Spirits" 2004

Children's Stories "Girricocola"
Raga Mala "Temple to Theater"

Children's Stories "The Raven"

Jamie Janover & Howard Levy & Kai Eckhardt "Realms" 1998

"The Sound Underground" 2007

Zambieland Orchestra "Live in CO"

Susan Johns "Phase Mask" 1997

Vicci Taylor

Kate Mclead “Constant Emotion” 1997

Karey Christ Janer "Miss Understood Cookie"

Nirmala Rajasekar

Naomi Tobias "Rising" 2012

Sheldon Sands "Across Many Oceans" 1995

Sheldon Sands "Dreams of the Drum"

Sheldon Sands "Plant a Tree, Grow a Friend" 1990

Kathleen Luce "Tamango"

Maniko "If you Could See Me Now"

Abhi Ktori "Feast of Magic" 1994

Raga Mala "Rain Seed"

Mark Meyer "Harmonic Conversations"

Evan Hodkins "Burning Bright"

Patrick Walsh "Walk About"

Iris "Season of Song" 1992

Raga Mala "Shakuntala"

Geoff Johns "Bakongo" 1997