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Zakir, Bela, Edger / Steve Oda / Summer Tabla Retreat

Ty Burhoe


Greetings my friends,
This entry finds us in Aspen Colorado with the maestros, 
Zakir HussianBela Fleck and Edger Meyer. I love this trio and if you have not checked out their new CD "The Melody of Rhythm", then you must grab it ASAP.
So, we had the gig up in Aspen (photo above) and then the following day drove down to Denver Colorado for the concert at the Botanical Gardens. That was a pretty wild gig since it was not only a sold out, outdoor concert, but it was also totally pouring rain by the end of the event. Umbrellas and rain gear were all that could be seen. But wow, they played so intensely and beautifully, that the audience stayed till the very end. It was wild and crazy and beautiful !!!


Sound check in a light rain...

Sold out, amazing concert - but you can see
the storm clouds closing in.


Then, the next day, I flew out to Tucson AZ for a concert with Steve Oda (sarode maestro).

Meeting up at the Tucson airport - Cactus country !!


It had been a while since we had played, but as it is with this music, the relationship enhances the music and our long term friendship and many tours together shines through the music no matter how long between gigs.

Steve & Ty diving into the music...

My dear friends Camillo & Cynthia Scherer produced the event. Actually Camillo is also a tabla student of mine as well. As are Manish & Yash Shah who also help out and support the music and productions in so many ways. I am lucky to have such students and friends. They have always helped me at the tabla retreats and in producing concerts, both in Colorado and Tucson.

Camillo & Cynthia Scherer

Yash & Manish Shah


Then, the following day after the concert, we had "The Musical Universe" workshop with a great group of folks from the Tucson area. We worked out our minds and our perception of matter and our brains ability to process poly rhythm. A lot to cover in 2 hours!

"The Musical Universe" group in Tucson

Working hard on feeling poly rhythms


Then we had a separate workshop which focused on Tabla while Steve Oda was in the next room teaching another group Indian Raga. We turned the school of medicine into a music school for that afternoon. It is a great feeling, being surrounded by music and people who are switched on by music. In spiritual circles it is called Satsang, which means "in the company of truth". Well for us musicians, that also applies to musical circles and concert settings.

Tabla workshop group in Tucson


It was the beginning of a nice yearly tradition of returning to Tucson for both concerts and workshops. Looking forward to next year already.

Lots of love and joy to you in your lives,
Lets go catch a flight...