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Singulars & Zakir Hussain & Steve Oda & Kala Ramnath

Ty Burhoe


I had a chance to get my feet back on the ground after the amazing grizzly bear adventure. Somehow, that experience brought me full circle back into the wildlife biologist (bear researcher) of my past which  included everything from Native American ceremonies, to my years living in the wild raising Shaun, doing Aikido and into Psychology and finally back into music again. Just five days with the bears gave my whole life a bit of an over haul. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Grizzly.

Then in mid July, I went out to the East Coast to do a wonderful concert with
Sondra Wong (violinist & nyckelharpa) and Dominick Leslie (mandolinist). We had a total blast playing at the Caramoore music festival


7月の半ばには、バイオリンとニケルハーパ奏者であるサンドラ・ウォンとマンダリン奏者のドミニク・レスリーとアメリカ東海岸(ニューヨーク)で行われたキャラモアー ミュージック フェスティバルにて演奏してきました。

Sound check at the main hall ~ Caramoore Festival
(キャラモアー フェスティバルのメインホールでのサウンドチェック)


After the super fun gig, which was really a look at music from around the world, we took off to actor Richard Gears restaurant called the Bedford Post. Wow, that was quite an amazing dinning experience. I would say that every single dish we were served that night was unique and over the top yummy! Richard has also put a beautiful yoga studio on the property where classes and workshops are offered on a regular basis. I suggest checking it out if your ever in the area. 

But secretly, I think our favorite part of that trip was, late at night after we returned from Richard's restaurant. We stealth fully made our way through the dark, wild gardens of the beautiful Caramoore property, and sat in the Italian acoustic pavilion (which has crazy long re verb delay) and played music until about 4am. Then we walked into the haunted central garden and told ghost stories until the sun began to rise. That was what I call fun !!!


Of course the down side is, is that we didn't get any sleep at all since our flight was in NYC that same morning. So we stumbled to the airport and onto our flight. But, as you well know, these types of experiences and variations in our usual life patterns, is what keeps oxygen flowing through the tight spaces inside us, RIGHT !?!?!?


The acoustic masterpiece - the Italian pavilion
音響が素晴らしい建物 イタリア建築の(パビリオン)野外休憩所


OK ~
Then I came home and jumped in the car and drove all night to Telluride Colorado where I met my Guruji Zakir Hussain who was playing with my buddies Bela Fleck and Edger Meyer. We always have a great time together - all three of them are so funny together and work musically like three peas in a pod. No matter where in the world I meet up with Zakir, I immediately become his techie and assistant and all purpose dude. Fix his drums up, grab the lattes and food, assist in sound checks and massage any aching muscles. I love it!!! Serving a musical saint, ain't a bad gig...


From the stage during sound check

From the side of stage during the performance


No matter how difficult the material, Zakir is exploring and inventing new ways to express himself and the tabla. Without going into to much detail, I would dare to say that Zakir (as with a handful of others throughout history) is as close as this world can come to joyous enlightenment through music.

Zakir finding some joy inside the intricate patterns...


The following day, I flew out to Austin Texas to meet up with Steve Oda for a concert. I seem to constantly go back and forth from being a tabla player, to serving a tabla player, to being a tabla player. The more it happens, the deeper I see its benefit.

その翌日はテキサス州のオースティンへ、スティーブ・オダとコンサートのために飛びました。 タブラ奏者から、タブラ奏者を援助する人、そしてタブラ奏者へと行ったり来たりしていますね。繰り返すうちに、それが自分のためになっていることを感じます。

Steve and Ty in Austin (where the sushi is, "ok")
スティーブとタイ オースティンにて (お寿司が「まぁまぁ」なところ)

At the concert, I was surprised to see my old buddy Mark O'Shea (who has always reminded me of James Taylor). He was with me when I was 22 years old doing my first sweat lodge up in the mountains of Boulder Colorado. We had seen each other through those rough 20's and seem to both be doing well into our 40's now. He currently lives in Austin, so I'll see him next time I play there... nice to re-connect.

Ty & Mark - after the concert in Austin
タイとマーク オースティンでのコンサートにて


Then, the following day, I held my first "Musical Universe" workshop ever in Austin. Well, I didn't get 50 participants, or 20. I didn't get 15 or 10 adventurous souls. I didn't get 7 or even 4 interested musicians. I got two lovely and brave spirits who spent those 2 hours with me looking into what makes the world go round. 


The Three Musketeers


And a day later my next adventure began. Wow... I am getting dizzy just writing about all this stuff. I guess it is easier to simply do, than to think about doing...

So the violin maestro Kala Ramnath flew into town so we could record my next CD for Tala Records. It is a tremendous honor for me to record an album with Kala. She is the greatest violinist North India has ever known and regularly plays with the greatest tabla players on the planet. Somehow, I have been blessed with the opportunity to tour and now record with her. I am deeply thankful to her and my Guruji Zakir Hussain for the opportunity. 

そしてその日の翌日には、新たな冒険が始まろうとしていました。何だか7月にしたことを書いているだけで目まいがしてきそうです。 考えるよりも実際にする方が簡単なような気がします。


In concert with Kala Ramnath


Then my good friend Abbos Kosimov flew into town (same afternoon as the show) and we performed together for the first time. It was a total BLAST. He is a ridiculously cool musician. I would say he is the Sting of frame drumming. He is vastly famous in his own country, Uzbekistan and has moved to the US to expand his musical horizons. We are very lucky in the US to have him stationed here. He is creating new horizons for his instrument much the same as Zakir did in the 1970's and 80's. Check him out...
そして友人であるアボス・コシモブもコロラド入りしました。カラとアボス、そして私のトリオでコンサートを開きました。それはそれは素晴らしいコンサートとなりました。アボスはこれまた比べ物にならないほど卓越したミュージシャンであり、 フレームドラムの世界では彼が一番と言っても過言ではないと思います。彼は彼の出身国であるウズベキスタンではとても有名であり、音楽の地平線を拡げるためにアメリカに移住しました。アメリカは彼を得て、とてもラッキーです。彼はザキア・フセインが70年代と80年代にしたように、フレームドラムを新たなレベルへと引き上げていっています。

So we had a great evening in concert as a trio. We started the evening with a duet of Kala and myself doing classical Indian raga. Then Abbos did a mind boggling solo followed by an intermission. Then Abbos and I did a drum duet which was so fun, I can't even tell you... then we ended with a trio improve based upon a North Indian folk song which we molded into different time cycles starting in 14 beats and then dropping to 12 beats and further reducing to 10 beats and ending up in 8 beats which somehow ended in a harmonious final crescendo. Great night of music!!!


Ty, Kala & Abbos in Boulder Colorado
タイ、カラ、アボス コロラド州ボルダーにて


Abbos Kosimov


So now we are off to the Boulder Summer Tabla Retreat followed by the amazing Zakir Hussain master class retreat. Those stories soon to come.
Thanks for tuning in, I appreciate the company. 

Lots of love and joy in your lives,
More soon,