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Summer Tabla Retreat

Ty Burhoe


Dear friends,
Thanks for joining me. So off we go to tabla study land now. I started out teaching the bi-annual Boulder Tabla Retreat and then jumped on a plane to attend the Zakir Hussain Tabla Retreat... a great time helping others learn and then an amazing time learning from the Tabla God, Zakir Hussain... wow!

This year we had a sold out retreat and really got into some good material. Not only technique and composition, but some deeper practice and spiritual journey topics. I really feel strongly that if a practice is going to really progress and evolve, it needs to include all of what we are. This is a very personal journey and includes our dreams, our will power, our spiritual beings and simply the ability to let go and have fun. The process of molding and evolving our artistic voice can really be an ecstatic experience. 


The group hard at work...


We even had a special event occur during the Saturday night concert. Roshan Bhartiya (sitar maestro) held his students Ganda Bandan Ceremony. This ancient Hindu ceremony is the welcoming of the serious student into the musical family of the Guru (teacher). I usually includes offerings back and forth from student to teacher and the tying of a thread on both the wrist of the student and the teacher and finally the performing of the student in front of the Guru and those present. A Beautiful ceremony which indicates the beginning of a long and wonderful musical journey.

Roshan Bhartiya welcoming students
Aaron and David into his family.

Tabla student Joe Culley accompanying Aaron for his
Ganda Bandan performance.

Roshan even played tabla for his student David's
Ganda Bandan performance...

Ty having a great time accompanying Roshan Bhartiya.

Maestro Roshan Bhartiya


The after concert party with many of the students is always a special event. It seems to be becoming a tradition for all the Boulder Tabla Retreats. These students work so hard to learn such a difficult  instrument and musical form. I am always deeply impressed by each and every one of them. As many of us have become around the world, we truly are like a musical family.
The bonds formed in a Universe of sound and intention create connections which travel upon unseen dimensions. These bonds are felt in our cells and hold together the very bones in our bodies.

Cheers, to following your heart towards your dreams!!!


Now onto a plane and off to the Ustad Zakir Hussain Retreat !!!
Lots of love,